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Our Services


Tree removal is an essential if necessary; some reasons for the removal of a tree could include:

 • Dead or dying

• Diseased

• Damaged

• Hazardous

• Damaging property or services


Our specialized team of highly trained Arborists come to the site fully prepared to under take any job. With all the specialize equipment needed for the job at our disposal. If you are un sure on the health of a tree or what to do our Arborists will advise you on the best solution . We ensure all safety procures are followed to prevent things from not going to plan.




 Whether your tree is growing too tall or getting out of shape; giving the vegetation on your property a prune can benefit you as well as the plant.

We can also advise on any council approval required for tree pruning as well as assisting with any council applications.


Some reasons for pruning include:

• Crown lifting

• Crown thinning to permit new growth as well as better air circulation

• The removal of deadwood

• Removal of diseased or storm-damaged branches

• Removal of obstructing branches from property


Pruning, if not carried out in the correct manner to correspond the size, shape, character, condition, site and species of the tree has the potential to cause serious damage to its health.



For what ever reason you require clearing; we ensure it is done properly and professionally, leaving no left over mess. It involves the complete removal of trees so land can be used for different purposes including:


• Development

• Sub-divisions

• Better/other use of land



 Clean up and give a well finished look to your garden plus enhance the look of your property. A well done hedge can do a lot to your garden from much needed pricy to adding well maintained shape to your garden.



 We specialize in removing stumps, using our range of custom stump grinders. Cleaning up all mess and not causing damage to surrounding space.  The tree stumps/roots are grounded into chippings or mulch; if you wish they can be cleaned up and taken away.



 Sometime we encounter unpredictable, severe weather that can cause either storm damage, fallen trees/branches that are hazardous or dangerous hanging branches. If you require an emergency call out we are on the ready 24h a day / 7 days a week.



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